A Go Parents Guide 5本高清PDF

For parents everywhere whose kids complain about helping around the house, stall over homework, and bicker with one other, help is at hand. With compassion and humor, this book takes on the most common points of kid-induced friction—those altercations and annoying behaviors that drive parents most nuts—and offers quick, practical how-to advice for how to handle them. It explains to parents how to navigate everyday challenges, from helping kids learn responsibility for their possessions to getting them to stop tattling, whining, and using disrespectful language. Complete with solutions, helpful hints, and interesting bits of information, this indispensable guide offers exasperated parents the emotional support and reassurance they need to reduce friction and increase communication in the household.

Because I Said So Family Squabbles How to Handle Them (Go Parents Guide) by Lauri Berkenkamp, Steven C. Atkins PsyD

Mom the Toilets Clogged Kid Disasters and How to Fix Them (Go Parents Guide) by Lauri Berkenkamp

Talking to Your Kids About Sex From Toddlers to Preteens

Teaching Your Children Good Manners A Go Parents Guide by Lauri Berkenkamp, Steven C. Atkins PsyD, Charlie Woglom

Yikes Its Due Tomorrow How to Handle School Snafus (Go Parents Guide) by Carmella Van Vleet


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